The Power of Intention – Wayne Dyer – Video English

How often do you come across a video that touches your heart, is informative, funny and you learn something at the same time? I have found one! And I would like to share it with you! I just watched “The Power of Intention” by Wayne Dyer. The whole 2.5 hours. It was amazing! I really recommend to watch or just listen to what he has to say! At times I was touched to tears and I learnt something new. Enjoy this really great movie!!!!!

I took some notes:
Phases of Intention

  1. Creativity – See yourself as already surrounded by the conditions you want to produce.
  2. Kindness – Phase of kindness (Gods perfection – kids)
  3. Love – When you trust in yourself you trust in the “Source” that created you.
  4. Beauty – Beauty is in you! (David, Frankl)
  5. Expansiveness – Express the genius that you are, be in a state of expansion – you are a genius! Look for the genius in others! You came from a source – a source that creates perfection!
  6. Abundance – “Source” provides an endless supply. “Source” doesn’t understand that something is missing. Come to the source with a state of being abundant.
  7. Receptivity – Be receptive! – My attention is to attract ideal people and relationships into my life. BE the person you want to attract! If you knew who walks besides you on that path that you have chosen, you could never have any doubt that this (whatever it is) will work.

Dyer’s dozen

  1. Want something more for others than you want for yourself, e.g. peace,…
  2. Think from the end! – See yourself surrounded by the events or people you want. See yourself as if you are having it already.  Y can create what I want – act as if it is already here – think from the end!
  3. Be an appreciator – look for what is valuable.
  4. Stay in rapport with source energy – that’s your job here – be in harmony with “Source”.
  5. Resistance
  6. See yourself as surrounded by the conditions you want to produce. – You are ONE with “Source”
  7. Understand the art of allowing – Taking the path of least resistance.
  8. Practice radical humility – I am a divine “Source”.
  9. Be in a constant state of gratitude.
  10. Keep in mind that you can never resolve a problem by condemning it.
  11. Play the match game – Am I matched up with the field of intention?
  12. Meditate – A way to stay connected to “Source”.

When you change the way you look at things – The things you look at change!

“If you knew who walks besides you all the time on the path you have chosen you could never experience fear!” There is a “Source” that is available for you! That helps you! That supports you! When you allow that “Source” to work through you, you realize that everything shows up from the “Source”. All the details become not that important anymore.

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