How to create a vision board! Videos – English

Very nice and helpful tutorial from Robert Britt on how to create a vision board!  He wrote about the vision boards: “One of the tools I use on a daily basis is my vision board. Most people were introduced to vision boards through the movie “The Secret” although they have been around through all time in one form or another. […]

Look at the board. Close your eyes. Put yourself into the picture. Use all five senses in your imagination.  I am sitting at my beach house I am smelling the salt air, hearing the waves crashing on the shore, seeing the sun sparkle off the water, tasting my mai tai, feeling the tiny paper umberella poking my cheek… The future is yours to create. Why not create the best one possible?”

Clarify your DREAM! “How to create a vision board to clarify your dreams, goals to feel and experience the amazing future ahead of you. Looking daily at your vision board can transform your life. Feel it! Think it! Live it!” Check out this video from Lilou Mace and see her current vision board for inspiration.

Lilou’s Vision Board


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Tauche tiefer ein in das Mysterium Vision Board und erfahre einige (meist unbekannte) Tipps, die dein Vision Board garantiert funktionieren lassen! Du möchtest einen Erfahrungsbericht von einem Vision Board, dass auch wirklich funktioniert hat? Dann lies das 2. Kapitel durch: “Mein erstes Vision Board – Eine Erfolgsstory” und lass dich überzeugen!

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