Tägliche Orakel-Karten Readings von Doreen Virtue – The Angel Channel

Orakel der Göttinnen

Interessiert daran zu wissen was der Tag für dich bereit hält? Was die Engel generell zu diesem Tag sagen? Dann ist das vielleicht genau das Richtige für dich: Tägliche Engel-Orakel-Karten Readings von Doreen Virtue auf Youtube.

May all your dreams come true – Meditation – Doreen Virtue

Was macht man, wenn man am nächsten Tag ein wichtiges Meeting bzw. Gespräch hat und schon sehr nervös ist? Gut vorbereiten natürlich, das ist klar – aber auch das Internet nach beruhigenden und entspannenden Meditationen durchsuchen. Das mache ich zumindest… Und ich hab auch mal wieder etwas gefunden! Wenn ihr mal sehr nervös seid, dann […]

The Power of Intention – Wayne Dyer – Video English

How often do you come across a video that touches your heart, is informative, funny and you learn something at the same time? I have found one! And I would like to share it with you! I just watched “The Power of Intention” by Wayne Dyer. The whole 2.5 hours. It was amazing! I really […]

Abundance for All – A Prayer by Doreen Virtue

Join Doreen Virtue in this prayer for “Abundance for All and Abundance for Earth”! Let’s give all the worries to God and ask for his help and support. Be a living expamples for prosperity. Purify your mind. Focus more on giving than receiving! Put the focus on serving with our own god-given talents! Let us […]

New Beginnings and A Fresh Start Meditation, Doreen Virtue

Don’t we need a fresh start sometimes? A new beginning leaving behind the past and what has happened there. A door that opens up in front of us! Yeah, sometimes that is great! Doreen has recorded a new meditation for us which focuses exactly on letting go and starting fresh! Exactly what we need from […]

Life purpose meditation – Doreen Virtue

“Life purpose and trusting the universe to support you”-meditation with Doreen Virtue. Have you already found your true purpose in life? If not, have you started looking for it? Sometimes being on the quest to find your life purpose can be exciting and frustrating at the same time. But in the end it is always […]

Mit gratis eBooks zu mehr Erfolg, Glück & Liebe!

Gratis eBooks auf Deutsch zu den Themen Persönlichkeitsentwicklung, Ziele erreichen, Sinn des Lebens, Selbstfindung, Gesetz der Anziehung auswählen und lesen. Clavisio.de ist ein Portal das eine Reihe von eBooks zum gratis Download anbietet. Es werden Informationen geboten, die zum Nachdenken und

Great affirmation video in English

“I put this together as my daily affirmations video. I watch it every morning and every night, and whenever else I have the chance to watch it. When you say things like the statements in this clip, your subconcious mind will begin to believe it (that’s what “second nature” means) and you won’t have to […]

Connecting with Your Higher Self’s Wisdom (Doreen Virtue)

Do you regularly connect with your High Self (HS)? This video meditation can help you to get in contact with HS again and to ask some interesting questions. The first question Doreen Virtue asks in this video is: “What is one of my favorite memories from this lifetime?” The first answer or picture or feeling […]

Clearing and Shielding with Archangel Michael (D. Virtue)


Ask the angels for help and support! This is another one of Doreen Virtues great youtube videos. Archangel Michael is a loving, celestial being that is willing to help us to grow as light workers and to liva a life in love, joy and peace. He does respect our free will and won’t intervene without […]

Sweet Dreams Meditation with Doreen Virtue

On our second day of this blogs 1. Doreen Virtue Youtube Week (DVYW) we are going to enjoy the “Sweet Dreams Mediation”. Prepare yourself to have sweet dreams (again)! Listen and watch this wonderful meditation! Relax! Let go of any old tension! Feel good! Enjoy! Plus: The angels are watching over us!

Hawaiian Sunset Inner Peace Meditation with Doreen Virtue

I found some new treasures on youtube! Lots and lots of Doreen Virtue videos! Some of them are meditations, others information videos or Doreen’s opinion on different topics! Therefore, this week is going to be the 1st Doreen Virtue Youtube Week (DVYW)! From Monday to Thursday I will post my favorite Virtue video clips. Let’s […]

Effective guided manifestation – English

An effective guided manifestation by Lilou Mace. Another short but great manifestation video which will help you attract and create whatever you want! I really like Lilou Maces voice! Just hearing it makes me very relaxed! Have fun attracting whatever it is you want!

Archangel Michael’s Message for 2010, Doreen Virtue


In this video Doreen Virtue sends us the messages from Archangel Michael for the year 2010. Doreen Virtue is a known clairvoyant, healer and works with angels! She is the founder of Angel Therapy, author of various books and creator of the famous angel cards. I am really curious what Archangel Michael is going to […]

How to create a vision board! Videos – English

Very nice and helpful tutorial from Robert Britt on how to create a vision board!  He wrote about the vision boards: “One of the tools I use on a daily basis is my vision board. Most people were introduced to vision boards through the movie “The Secret” although they have been around through all time […]