Connecting with Your Higher Self’s Wisdom (Doreen Virtue)

Do you regularly connect with your High Self (HS)? This video meditation can help you to get in contact with HS again and to ask some interesting questions. The first question Doreen Virtue asks in this video is: “What is one of my favorite memories from this lifetime?” The first answer or picture or feeling […]

Oracle cards on your iPhone or iPod Touch


Check out Doreen’s new iPhone or iPod Touch apps… Today I received Doreen Virtues monthly newsletter and guess what she offers now? iPhone and iPod Touch apps! That’s really great (if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch)! Then you can use the Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards App to help you communicate with […]

Clearing and Shielding with Archangel Michael (D. Virtue)


Ask the angels for help and support! This is another one of Doreen Virtues great youtube videos. Archangel Michael is a loving, celestial being that is willing to help us to grow as light workers and to liva a life in love, joy and peace. He does respect our free will and won’t intervene without […]

Sweet Dreams Meditation with Doreen Virtue

On our second day of this blogs 1. Doreen Virtue Youtube Week (DVYW) we are going to enjoy the “Sweet Dreams Mediation”. Prepare yourself to have sweet dreams (again)! Listen and watch this wonderful meditation! Relax! Let go of any old tension! Feel good! Enjoy! Plus: The angels are watching over us!

Hawaiian Sunset Inner Peace Meditation with Doreen Virtue

I found some new treasures on youtube! Lots and lots of Doreen Virtue videos! Some of them are meditations, others information videos or Doreen’s opinion on different topics! Therefore, this week is going to be the 1st Doreen Virtue Youtube Week (DVYW)! From Monday to Thursday I will post my favorite Virtue video clips. Let’s […]

Engel begleiten deinen Weg – Engelkarten online von Doreen Virtue


Engel-Orakel-Karten online ziehen – IDEAL für unterwegs! Egal ob im Coffee-Shop, am Flughafen oder im Hotelzimmer… diese wunderbare Seite bietet Orakel-Karten von Doreen Virtue auf ihrer Webseite an. Egal wo man sich befindet, egal wann man gerade Zeit und Lust hat! Wunderbar!

Archangel Michael’s Message for 2010, Doreen Virtue


In this video Doreen Virtue sends us the messages from Archangel Michael for the year 2010. Doreen Virtue is a known clairvoyant, healer and works with angels! She is the founder of Angel Therapy, author of various books and creator of the famous angel cards. I am really curious what Archangel Michael is going to […]

5. Internationaler Engelkongress 7. – 9. Mai 2010


Es ist endlich wieder soweit! Vom 7. bis 9. Mai 2010 findet der 5. internationale Engelkongress in Salzburg statt! Start am Freitag, dem 7. Mai  um 17:00 Uhr. Mit dabei sind: Diana Cooper, Silvia Wallimann, Lorna Byrne, Sabrina Fox,

Orakel der Göttinnen – Doreen Virtue


Orakel-Karten von Doreen Virtue kostenlos online ziehen – Das ideale Set für deine Tageskarte. Es gibt viele Orakel-Karten auf dem Markt und immer wieder führt es mich zu Doreen Virtues Orakel-Karten. Das “Orakel der Göttinnen” war eines der ersten Sets, das ich damals kennenlernte und ich finde es bis heute wunderschön und faszinierend. Ich verwende […]